Rock Me Amadeus

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We all know Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The classical genius who composed a staggering 600 works. But do we all know the company Rock Me Amadeus named after the beloved composer? Rock Me Amadeus is headed up by designer Amadeus Beattie. The company has been around for years and has gathered quite a following. Well known for her sexy lingerie but as we can see with this gown that she is quite capable of creating amazing formal wear as well.  I learned about this company this month. When you find a store that has such amazing clothes, it’s like finding a gem, and you wonder how you never knew about it before! I am also honored to work as an in-store model for Amadeus. And I promise, I was not paid to   say any of this. I am truly inspired by her creativity and would like to share all of my finds with you all 🙂

Xoxo, Blair

Styling Card:

Dress: Rock Me Amadeus “Hollywood Dress” in Sheer Nude

Ring: Sigma “Aurora Ring” in Pink and Silver

Bracelet: [Alamood Boutique] “On the Rocks” Bracelet

Hair: LoQ “Turkish Coffee” in Brown

Skin: YS & YS “Kelly” 09 Smoky Natural

Purchase In-World At:

Rock Me Amadeus

Sigma Jewels

[Alamood Boutique]