Back and Better than Ever, Esk-imo!

In celebration of the Grand Re-Opening of Esk-imo I have decided to blog on it! I was in love the moment I found this brand at the hair fair. My favorite item would have to be the Natasha I hair which has a short bob cut and slanted bangs seen here in the red gown:                                                                         I hope you enjoy, and definitely go check out the new location!
Xoxo, Blair Leifstrom

P.S. Don’t forget your free gifts in the Tiffany style box located around the store in multiple areas 😀

Style Card

1st look

Skin: Esk-imo “Sara” L-Stick 2 Skin in Medium

Hair: Esk-imo “Knotted Up” in Black

Eyeshadow: Esk-imo “Ocean” in Fire

Lipgloss: Esk-imo “3 Tanned” in Pink

2nd Look

Skin: Esk-imo “Nanami” L-Gloss Skin in Medium

Hair: Esk-imo “Riniko III” in Blue

Eyeshadow: Esk-imo “Ocean” in Mysti

Lipgloss: Esk-imo “3” in Purple

3rd Look

Skin: Esk-imo “Sara” in Tan

Hair: Esk-imo “Nana” in Black

Eyeshadow: “Ocean” in Midnight I

Lipgloss: Esk-imo “3” in Cherry