Nostalgic Stroll Through Central Park

I’m really enjoying this summer so far and I wanted to put together a look that was simple, fun, and captures the spirit of summer. I’d also like to throw in a suggestion. I’ve been using the BeautyCode skins and I love how innovative they are especially with the blushes to give a slimmer look to the face which I love. But as I was going for a platinum blonde look for the hair I noticed they don’t offer other eyebrow colors. I would love to see this added to the line that way we have more versatility with our looks. Enjoy!
Xoxo, Blair Leifstrom

All photos shot on location at Midnight Manhattan Reverie
Sleeping Koala Cross Back Floral Dress in Blue @One Voice Fundraiser until the July 15th

Addiction Jewelry Scroll Set in Aquamarine

Alamood Boutique On The Rocks Bracelet (Closed)

BeautyCode “Stacy” Pale Skin in Barbie Girl

Magika Red Ombre Mesh Hair Gift