Virginia Alone by Bryn Oh

One of my favorite things to do in Second Life is explore new locations. I went into the destination guide and randomly chose featured events, where I came across Virginia Alone by Bryn Oh. I noticed in my windlight settings that I had a windlight by the same name so putting 1 + 2 together used the windlight with this location and I was pleasantly surprised with the perfectly haunting atmosphere. It’s the type of setting out of a movie like Psycho or The Shining complete with Mother and all. With this location I wanted to focus more on capturing a feeling which I hope I achieved. Enjoy!
Xoxo, Blair Leifstrom

Elmont “Sleepless Nights” Mesh in Marine

Addiction Jewelry “Scroll Necklace” in Peridot

Esk-imo Boy Bob Hair in Brown 1