The Boho Culture Fair Entry #2

The Boho Culture Fair will begin October 15th-October 31st. This is a chance to purchase your boho, urban hippie style fashion all in one place. There will also be free gifts from the designers, exclusive items, and bazaar items which will be between 5L$-50L$. I’ll be giving sneak peeks before the fair opens revealing which designers are participating as well as what items will be available. Tune in for more entries in the upcoming weeks.

For more information, check out The Boho Culture Fair blog 

Step inSide Fiete Boho Edition Normal CL Skin, Fiete Boho Shape, Fiete Eyebrows, and Boho makeup in Leaves. There are 4 skin tones to choose from in regular and with cleavage and 6 makeup tattoos. Coming Soon @The Boho Culture Fair

Hinako Ula Hair in Red-Light Coming Soon @ The Boho Culture Fair

Fashion Fears “We love Boho” Bra, Mesh Cardigan in Purple, and Mesh Shorts Coming soon @The Boho Culture Fair

CandyMetal Michelle Fringe Ankle Boots in Leather Coming soon @The Boho Culture Fair

StarsFashion Glasses in Black (Gift)

Adorkable Blogger Bubble Pose 4

Shot on Location @ Humanoid