HANDverk Sale!!

First off, have I told you my love for HANDverk? With the amazing quality of products, it’s not something to be overlooked. It’s the end of the year and everyone loves a sale! HANDverk has been thinking about doing one for awhile, but they wanted to try something a little different. So their having, what we call, a 25 for 25 sale!

They will have two items (one furniture piece, one accessory piece) for the bargain price of 25L each, for only 25 minutes. All sales will happen sometime between 2 and 5 PM SLT on 11/24, 12/1, 12/8, 12/15 and 12/22.

BUT, just how will you know when to come to our store for such awesome prices?

The (free) update group, [Handverk], will be notified 25 minutes before the start of each sale and the group tag must be active to purchase.

If you are not already in the group, here is a url to the profile, or you can TP to our mainstore and join via the sale sign.


Here are some shots in-store at the quality of items you can expect to see, but it’s anyone’s guess at what might go on sale 😛 Enjoy!