Vintage Gal

A combo of new releases I just purchased and had to share with you all. For the vintage girl in you. Enjoy!

Also, HANDverk Scale Pauldrons Clutch is a great finishing accessory for those who like to dress with a bit of an edge (did we mention that they are unisex!). They come in 11 great colors, 5 natural and 6 bright. The natural versions will be 25% off at the new event We Love Role-Play, which opens May 4th. Here is more information on the event and a LM if you want to wait to get a discount there.

Xoxo, Blair Leifstrom




Mon Tissu Daydream Mesh Dress in Minty

Mon Tissu T-Strap Rigged Mesh Heels in Soft Tan and Blue

HANDverk Scale Pauldrons Clutch in Aqua

HANDverk Strand Bracelet in Turquoise/Gold

esk-imo Mesh Madison Hair in BLD 03

essences Clover Cold Sunkissed Skin with Blush Contour Tattoo in Middle Brown