Back from Hiatus

Without inspiration my work would be quite dull. Which is why I decided to take a little break and rejuvenate. After a few months of being away, a designer had sent me some boots (that you’ll see in my previous post before this one) that inspired me to start blogging again. So here I am! All the advances with mesh have been so invigorating that I can’t help but be swept away by the talent and quality.  I hope you enjoy, and as always..

Xoxo, Blair

P.S. You can click the pic to make it the full original size to take a better gander 🙂

7deadlysinsgluttonyStyle Card

Ionic Autumn Chill Mesh Sweater in Light

Ionic Yael Mesh Skirt in Brown

Ionic Synthetic Leather Mesh Boots

Le Poppycock *Petit Sac* Butterfly Clutch

Taketomi Kiyomi DippuDye02 Mesh Hair

7 Deadly Skins Gluttony B2 T2 Skin with Gluttony M5 Def Makeup. This skin line has 12 body types and several tattoos of make up.  For all the skins, you can buy Tango boob appliers and Slink hand&feet appliers!

Crash Republic Melanie Eyes Pale in Light Blue