I started this blog in 2010 in the hopes of increasing my visibility as a model, as an educational styling platform through experience, and as a way for people to find great items on the grid. I feel like I’ve accomplished my goals in that aspect. I do believe in quality over quantity. Inspiration isn’t just born through the mundane. All the right elements and concepts have to come together magically through sparks of muses. And so in the vain of keeping a high quality blog and one that I can be proud of I will continue to blog as inspiration strikes. I hope my audience can agree and continue to support me throughout my blogging endeavors.  I hope you enjoy! Xoxo, Blair Leifstrom

I am available for Print, and Video Modeling. If interested in hiring me/request a resume, contact me in-world, e-mail at blairleifstrom@yahoo.com, or send a message via this blog.

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Maniera Institute of Style, Graduate September 2010.

Opium Elite Fashion Academy, Graduate May 2011.

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Maniera Model Management

International Model Agency

BeStyle District Agency

Opium Evolution

Runway Cafe

InWorld Inc.

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Fashion Limited
F.O.S.L Associated